Sunday, December 4, 2016

604 Just Eat: Pacific Northwest Cuisine/ Seafood @ Salmon House on the Hill

Aug 13th, 2016

Salmon House on the Hill @ West Vancouver

Food:  3.5/5   Service:  3.5/5   Atmosphere:  4.5/5   Price:  Avg. $70/person

 The weather was very beautiful and we had a great day at the Deep Cove Park.   We had a nice long walk in the afternoon then we decided to go Salmon House on the Hill for dinner!  Price is on the high side but the visit was totally worth it, highly recommended to go for special occasions.  I fall in love the breath taking views of Downtown Vancouver, it was very beautiful to see the sunset in the patio.  The environment was very relaxing with the authentic local artisan decor.  The atmosphere was amazing to have this romantic and delicious meal with hubby 😍😍😍.  LOL.
Home Made Bread @ $3
Smoked wild salmon butter 
The home made bread came with two butters, regular and salmon butters.  The smoked wild salmon butter was like pate style, creamy and easy spreading.  It was very delicious with the fresh bread!