Monday, January 4, 2016

604 Just Eat: Japanese Cuisine @ Ramen Danbo

Dec 3rd, 2015

Ramen Danbo @ Downtown

Food:  3.5/5   Service:  3.5/5   Atmosphere:  3.5/5   Price:  Avg. $45/person

Another ramen craving night!  I know Ramen Danbo has been opened quite a while already at the West 4th location in Kitsilano then we saw their second location of Danbo on Robson Street!  Ramen Danbo is an authentic Japanese noodles bar specialized in traditional Fukuoka Tonkotsu Ramen with over 20 locations across Japan.  We decided to hit Danbo after work.  We came here around 7ish and so lucky that the queue was short.  We got to sit down after only 15 minutes wait, not bad!   

Friday, January 1, 2016

604 Just Eat: American Style Seafood & Grill @ Joe Fortes

Nov 21st, 2015

Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House @ West End

Food:  4/5   Service:  4/5   Atmosphere:  4/5   Price:  Avg. $45/person

Happy surprise lunch!  We walked down home 10 minutes to Robson direction but I did not know where we were heading to until hubby stopped at Joe Fortes.  Yahhh! Hubby made reservation in advance so no waiting time was needed.  Joe Fortes, a famous seafood and steakhouse restaurant located on Thurlow Street DT.  This place was great and the weekend brunch was delicious, my stomach was very satisfied.  Do not forget to try their bread serving with their signature lobster oil, it's upon request.

Nice spot!  Very spacious!

604 Just Eat: Desserts @ 720 Sweets

Nov 14th, 2015

720 Sweets @ Kitsilano

Food:  3.5/5   Service:  3.5/5   Atmosphere:  3.5/5   Price:  Avg. $6/person

I have seen a lot of delicious pictures with the steamy effect at 720 Sweets and made me drooling!  After the hot pot dinner at Richmond, we decided to go check out the soft serve @ 720 Sweets, located on West Boardway in Kits area.  Luckily the line up was not that bad when we arrived.  The line up was crazy long when we were leaving.

604 Just Eat: Chinese Cuisine - Hot Pot @ Taiwan Taipei Original Pot

Nov 8th, 2015

Taiwan Taipei Original Pot @ Central Richmond

Food:  4/5   Service:  3.5/5   Atmosphere:  4/5   Price:  Avg. $30/person

It was my very first visit and I was very excited to try the Taiwanese Hua Diao Chicken pot.  Taiwan Taipei Original Pot is located in Venezia Place on Alexandra Road so beware it could be bloody hard to find a parking spot during weekend.  I heard a lot of raving comments about Taiwan Taipei Original Pot and the interesting steps to enjoy the hot pot.
Unlike the typical Chinese hot pot places, the staff cooks for us and the toppings are cooked in a pot of sauce, not a full pot of soup base.  In general there are three steps.  First, eat the stirred-fry chicken in the pot. Second, add different toppings into the left over sauce and braise them. The toppings are such as beef slices, meat balls, noodles and etc. Lastly, add vegetables cook in soup.